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Personal Information Guide (The PIG)

Organizing and maintaining family and financial records can be a challenge. However daunting it may seem, having this information readily accessible could be vital, especially in an emergency involving a loved one.

This Personal Information Guide is designed to help you gather all of your personal and financial information into one document. Using this guide can help:

• Locate information in the future
• Reduce confusion and stress in the event of a family emergency
• Decrease the likelihood of unclaimed assets for your heirs

There are a lot of things to fill out here and a lot of information to gather. Don’t panic and don’t feel overwhelmed. Nobody says you have to get this done in a day, or a week even. Just take your time and fill out the forms as you have time. You should be able to fill out about one form a day and have the entire book finished in a month.

Each year, go through the book and make any changes that you need to. Print off additional sheets if the current ones are full or the changes are that significant. It is important to keep the book as up to date as possible as you never know when you will need some of that information.

Finally, it should be obvious, but make certain others know about this book and where you keep it.

Also since it contains a lot of confidential information, be sure to safeguard its location in some manner.